July 19, 2011

Udayabhanu Hot Pics

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 |

 Name : Udaya Bhanu
Place of Birth : Andhra Pradesh
Nationality : Indian
Profession : Tv anchor, Actress
Family : Spouse - Vijay

Udaya Bhanu born some 25 plus summers ago is one of the most celebrated television anchors on Telugu television channels and a wonderful south Indian actress. Her trendy style of anchoring on popular Telugu channels has hit it off well with the audiences. Her constant giggles coupled with sexy gyrations while anchoring has endeared her to millions of television viewers - mostly the youth segment of viewers. Udaya Bhanu soon became the highest paid television host on Telugu television channels.
Udaya Bhanu lost her father when she was four years old. Later her mother remarried a Muslim man who already has seven children from his first marriage. Udaya Bhanu at 15 was forced into marriage with a Muslim man. Udaya Bhanu recently came out into the open alleging harassment from her mother and her family members. She said she was fleeced of her money and her new independent mansion at Miyapur that has a swimming pool and other luxurious amenities. After divorcing her first husband, Udaya Bhanu remarried a guy called Vijay much against the wishes of her mother, who allegedly threatened to kill her.
Yet Udaya Bhanu saw to it that her personal life never come in her way while she was creating a niche for herself on television - a bubbly giggling sexy anchor that was never seen before on Telugu television channels. Uday Bhanu first hit the limelight at age 14 when she got her first break in "Yerra Sainyam". She later bagged a popular show on television called ''Horlicks Hridayanjali''. Udaya Bhanu soon took her audiences on a roller-coaster ride of entertainment with her boundless energy and mischievous kind of anchoring hidden behind her giggles.
Sexy Udaya Bhanu became popular with ''Horlicks Hridayanjali''. She soon followed it up with other popular shows like "Once More Please" dance show on Sun network's Gemini channel. Her slapstick comedy with film star comedian Venu Madhav while anchoring the show has become one of the biggest hits with television viewers. Later other shows easily came her way such as "Sahasam Cheyara Dimbhaka" and "Jaanavule Nerajaanavule" both on Gemini channel and "Nee Illu Bangaram Kanu" on Zee Telugu channel to name a few.
Besides hosting popular shows on Telugu television channels, sexy Udaya Bhanu also appeared in television soap operas and Telugu films such as "Kondaveeti Simhasanam" and "Yerra Sainyam". She even did item numbers in movies like "Apada Mokkulavadu" and established herself as a multi-faceted talented personality.

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